Medication-assisted treatment: an update from Missouri

April 28, 2015

Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network
Editor, NIATx

In the April 2015 NIATx E-news, Mike Boyle shared results of recent studies on use of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Overall results suggest that a lot of work remains to be done in order for MAT to gain wide acceptance.

But MAT is firmly established in states like Missouri, which was among the first states to make a commitment to providing MAT.

Mark Stringer, Director, Division of Behavioral Health at the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) says his state’s involvement with a NIATx program, Advancing Recovery (AR) helped build the foundation the MAT program that exists toda. Stringer also serves as the state's Single State Authority.

Alcoholism research to the real world: Addiction Science Made Easy

April 21, 2015

Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network
Editor, NIATx
Held every year in April, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Alcohol Awareness Month has a special focus on underage drinking—a particular problem in April, the beginning of prom and graduation season.

NCADD promotes early education as key to preventing underage drinking and to helping individuals and families seek help for drinking problems. If you’re looking for quick access to research to accompany your alcohol and addiction related education activities during April—or any other time of the year—look no further than the Addiction Science Made Easy (ASME) feature on the ATTC website. There, you’ll find research briefs based on articles from the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research and the the NIDA CTN Dissemination Library.

The dilemma of alcohol use among the elderly: Then what?

April 7, 2015
Dave Gustafson, Director
Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies and NIATx
University of Wisconsin-Madison

April marks NCADD’s 28th Annual Alcohol Awareness Month with a focus on preventing underage drinking and its harmful consequences. Alcohol use and misuse among young people is extremely dangerous, no doubt about it. But at the other end of the lifespan, alcohol use among the elderly presents another dilemma.

Let me tell you more about my view of this.