Happy Birthday, ATTC Network!

November 15, 2013

Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network
Editor, NIATx

2013 is a big year for the ATTC Network: this year, the Network celebrates 20 years of helping the addiction treatment and recovery services field adopt and implement evidence-based practices. Over the past two decades, the Network has worked to build the knowledge and skills of the workforce that addresses the needs of people with substance use or other behavioral health disorders.

The continuing support from SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment has allowed the Network to evolve and grow into a vital resource for the field, bringing researchers and clinicians together to address the ongoing need for effective treatment. Thousands of clinicians have been trained in evidence-based practices. And because of the work of the ATTCs, the concept of technology transfer as a process that extends from research design through implementation in treatment programs has become standard knowledge.

How much do you know about the ATTC Network and all that it has accomplished in the past two decades? Test your knowledge with the 20 Questions Challenge!  Be the first to answer all the questions and you’ll win an ATTC messenger bag filled with 20 ATTC products and other goodies. 

(Hint: You can find answers to all 20 questions on the ATTC website.)

The ATTC 20 Questions About 20 Years Challenge

1.   In what year was the ATTC Network founded?  (Yes, that’s a giveaway….)
2.   How many states does the ATTC Network cover today?
3.   What are the ATTC Network’s priority areas?
4.   When did the ATTC publish The Change Book: A Blueprint for Technology Transfer?
5.   When did the NIDA/SAMSHA Blending Initiative begin?
6.   The ATTC Network also covers the Pacific Jurisdictions. What locations do they include?
7.    Where is the first international ATTC and in what year was it created?
8.    When did the Network complete the national workforce study, Vital Signs?
9.    How many Regional Centers comprise the ATTC Network in 2013?
10. What are the names of the National Focus Area ATTCs?
11.  Where are the offices of the Network Coordinating Office located?
12. When did the ATTC and NIATx launch the Service Improvement Blog?
13.  What is the name of the Network’s monthly electronic newsletter?
14.  How many courses does the ATTC eLearn currently offer?
15.  Which monthly webinar series hosted by the Network offers the opportunity to earn continuing education credits?
16. How many video views are there on the ATTC YouTube account?
17. Which ATTC Network website resource serves as a term and definition resource for the field?
18. What is the name of the ATTC Twitter account? (Hint: @......)
19. Which ATTC electronic publication features views on technology transfer from leading researchers?
20. Which ATTC web resource provides information on institutions that offer degrees in addiction studies?

Submit your answers to: Maureen.fitzgerald@attcnetworkoffice.org by 5pm on Tuesday, December 31,  2013. We’ll announce the winner and provide the answers in an upcoming blot post. Good luck!

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