Test your NIATx Knowledge

February 2014

Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network
Editor, NIATx

This year, NIATx celebrates a decade of bringing process improvement to the behavioral health field. From 39 substance abuse treatment providers in the original NIATx projects (Paths to Recovery I and II funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Strengthening Treatment Access and Retention, funded by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment), the NIATx community has grown to include nearly 3000 providers and systems of care representing substance abuse treatment and many other areas of behavioral health and social services.

"We never expected NIATx to grow so quickly,” says Dave Gustafson, Director of NIATx and the Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies. “And we didn’t anticipate how well it would transfer to areas beyond substance abuse treatment,” he adds. 

Organizations looking for a simple improvement model that gets teams engaged and delivers results quickly continue to turn to the NIATx model. The NIATx website offers many resources for self-directed study, and the popular NIATx Change Leader Academy is available regularly at locations throughout the country. Local groups like states, counties, and provider associations continue to work with us to create local NIATx learning collaboratives. These collaboratives help groups of providers learn the basics of process improvement and improve customer service within their organizations or across systems of care.

How much do you know about the NIATx model?  Watch "NIATx on a Napkin" to get an overview in less than 3 minutes.

Have you used the NIATx model in your organization? Tell us about your experience by posting a comment below!

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