Just the Facts: Marijuana Lit

December 12, 2014
Maureen Fitzgerald,
ATTC Network Coordinating Office

With marijuana legalization so much in the news these days, SUD treatment professionals face a big task in separating fact from marijuana fiction. What's more, what we currently know about marijuana may no longer be true, since existing studies were conducted years ago  on much less powerful pot.

 “Marijuana Lit: Fact-based information to assist you in providing marijuana treatment” is a new multimedia package from the ATTC Network Coordinating Office set for release in early 2015. Through video interviews with leading scientists, you’ll get fact-based information on various marijuana-related issues.

Join us this Thursday, December 18, when we launch “Marijuana Lit” with this week’s iTraining webinar, “Marijuana Legalization: Impact on Youth Wellness” by presenter Dr. Yifrah Kaminer. If you’ve had a chance to read the main article in this month’s ATTC Messenger, you know that Dr. Kaminer is not a big fan of marijuana legalization, in part because of its influence on developing teen brains and the widespread view among teen users in particular that marijuana is safe. (According to The Partnership Attitude Tracking Survey Teens & Parents 2013, issued by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, the majority (42 %) of teens surveyed said getting in trouble with the law was the greatest risk that would prevent them from using marijuana. Only 25% cited concerns about their future and a mere 15% indicated that fear of endangering health would prevent them from using it. ) 

Dr. Kaminer's presentation is the first of several in the series. "Marijuana Lit: Fact-based information to assist you in providing marijuana treatment" will also cover marijuana's effects on the body, impact on youth and families, its affect on pregnant women and newborns.  We'll also start an online discussion on marijuana on the ATTC/NIATx Network of Practice.

Watch your email for more information about Marijuana Lit, and see you on Thursday!

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