Technology Trends in Behavioral Health: Prepare for the Future at the National Frontier and Rural ATTC Summit

July 7, 2015

Nancy Roget, M.S., MFT, LADC
Project Director and Principal Investigator
National Frontier and Rural ATTC

Save the date for the the National Frontier and Rural ATTC's 3rd Annual Summit, September 2-3, 2015, in Austin, Texas!

Although behavioral health is considered an essential healthcare benefit, it is not always easily accessible to everyone who needs it, particularly in frontier and rural areas. This is especially true when talking about substance use disorder treatment and recovery, as access to these services is hindered due to workforce shortages and transportation issues. One way this gap in services is being bridged is by integrating the use of technologies into the behavioral health delivery system.

The increased availability and affordability of technology devices over the past decade has resulted in a dramatic shift in how people go about their daily activities—from communicating with each, to doing their jobs, and even shopping and managing finances. It follows, then, that technology is becoming an integral part of how medical and behavioral health professionals deliver services and what constitutes typical standards of care. Accordingly, patients will have greater expectations about technology being a part of their treatment and recovery services as more technology-based services become available.

To help facilitate integration of technologies into the substance abuse treatment and recovery field, the National Frontier and Rural Addiction Technology Transfer Center (NFAR-ATTC) provides training and technical assistance on how these technologies can be used to enhance the quality and increase access of treatment services and issues related to privacy and security. Visit our website for a tour of our offerings, or sign up for our next Telehealth Tuesday webinar, coming up on July 14: Acceptability and Preliminary Outcomes of a Technology-Enhanced Continuing Care.

In addition, we invite you to join us in Austin, Texas on September 2-3, 2015, for the National Frontier and Rural ATTC's 3rd  Annual Summit – Technology Trends in the Behavioral Health Workforce: Preparing for the Future. 

The goal of the 2015 Summit is to build and foster awareness of technology trends to prepare the behavioral health workforce for the future. Plenary speakers for the Summit include Bob Filbin of Crisis Text Line, a tool that connects teens in crisis with help via texting, and Christine Heaster Devens of AECOM. (Christine's blog series on healthcare design discusses the many ways that "millenials" are changing health care.) They'll join our lineup of speakers who'll cover current tools, trackers, and mobile health applications, discuss how they can be used for addiction treatment and recovery support services, and examine some of the cyber security risks associated with using mobile health applications and technology. 

Registration information for the Summit is available at Visit the site to review the schedule and find out more about lodging and continuing education credits. (Up to 12-16 continuing education hours are available.)

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Trisha Dudkowski ( or Wendy Woods (, or call 775-784-6265.

 See you in Austin!

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