UNITE to Face Addiction: "Our AIDS Quilt Moment"

September 29, 2015
Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network Coordinating Office
Editor, NIATx

See you at the mall this Sunday?

That's the National Mall in D.C., of course, for UNITE to Face Addiction!  The ATTC Network will be there--will you?

"...an advocacy movement that's different from anything we've ever done..."
UNITE to Face Addiction

Look for us in tee-shirts with the logo specially designed for this historic event by our talented colleague Mike Wilhelm of the National Rural and Frontier ATTC:
And a big thank you to the Central East ATTC for providing the tee shirts!
UNITE to Face Addiction brings together a diverse group of people to raise awareness about the impact of addiction. Along with celebrities and some of pop music's favorite performers (Joe Walsh, Steven Tyler, Aloe Blacc, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell, the Fray and others), elected officials, and inspirational speakers, more than 75 ATTCers (at last count) will be there to send a unified message and stand up for recovery.

Unite to FACE Addiction extends the message of National Recovery Month 2015: "Visible, vocal, valuable." As Pat Taylor, Community Outreach Coordinator for the event, wrote in this blog back in June:  

"One of our nation's best kept secrets is that long-term recovery from addiction is a reality for over 23 million Americans. Regardless of the paths people choose to achieve recovery, their lives and the lives of their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and communities are vastly improved. People in recovery and their allies are the living proof that there are real solutions to the devastation of addiction."

And in the Huffington Post this week, Carol McDaid, policy director for Unite to Face Addiction, writes about UNITE to Face Addiction's relevance to Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act.

 Greg Williams, Co-Founder & UNITE to Face Addiction Campaign Director, compares UNITE to Face Addiction to other game-changing events that have taken place on the National Mall:

"The National Mall is “a history making place, whether it’s Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech or so many Vietnam protests, or famously, the AIDS quilt moment."

(Read more of Greg's thoughts on the Recovery Movement in the recent issue of the ATTC Bridge: The Recovery Movement.)

UNITE to Face Addiction is also an opportunity to celebrate the ATTC Network role in advocating for recovery for the past 22 years. Through our range of national and regional 
efforts, the Network supports an addiction treatment workforce that's transforming lives.

So if you'll be on the National Mall on Sunday, October 4, look for the ATTC Network banner.  Look for us in our special tee shirts, say hello, and march with us in this unprecedented grassroots effort that's bound to change the national dialogue about addiction. 

"When there's hope in the mix, anything's possible:"  UNITE to Face Addiction

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