Words Matter in Stories

November 9, 2016

Merlyn Karst

From the Faces and Voices of Recovery Blog

Obviously, history has been made since the beginning of time but wasn’t recorded until relatively recent times. One thing certain is that the travelers, teachers, and troubadours of old told and sang stories that informed and entertained. Circles around campfires and huddles around hearths created communities. The means of the telling have changed dramatically but the personal stories with the important element of humanity provide the power. Tahir Shah, a travel writer, said,  “Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”  We can read and enjoy stories; however, a story’s power comes from seeing the face and hearing the voice of the person with feeling, gestures, smiles, and tears. This is the case for the stories of cancer survivors and of those who have overcome addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

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