20 Answers to 20 Questions

January 28, 2014 

Maureen Fitzgerald
Communications Coordinator, ATTC Network
Editor, NIATx

Did you test your knowledge of the ATTC Network in our earlier blog post, Happy Birthday, ATTC Network? Just in case you were stumped on a few of the questions, we're providing all the answers below. 

If you’re looking for more answers to question about technology transfer, implementing evidence-based practices, and other best practices in addiction treatment, the ATTC Network website is the place to go. It's also the place to go for the latest issues of our e-publications  and to find out about our upcoming events and iTrainings. Follow the links in the 20 answers below to take a quick tour of the ATTC website! 

20 Answers to 20 Questions About 20 Years of the ATTC Network

1. The ATTC Network was founded in 1993.
2. The ATTC Network covers all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Pacific Jurisdictions.
3. The ATTC Network’s priority areas are: workforce development, the science of addiction, and technology transfer.
4. The Change Book: A Blueprint for Technology Transfer was first published in 2000.
5. The NIDA/SAMHSA Blending Initiative began in 2001.
6. The Pacific Jurisdictions include: Guam, American Samoa, Palau, the Marshal Islands, Micronesia, and the Mariana Islands. The Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center (PSATTC) covers this area.
7. The Vietnam HIV ATTC, the first international ATTC, was created in 2012.
9.  Today, the Network consists of 10 Regional Centers and four National Focus Area centers.
10. The National Focus Area ATTCS are: the National American Indian/Alaska Native ATTC, the National Frontier and Rural ATTC, the National Hispanic and Latino ATTC, the National SBIRT ATTC.
11. The Network Coordinating Offices are located at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
12. The ATTC/NIATx Service Improvement Blog launched in August 2013.
13. The Network’s monthly electronic newsletter is The ATTC Messenger.
14.  ATTC HealtheKnowledge (formerly ATTCeLearn) offers 17 on-demand courses.
15. The Third Thursday iTraining series offers continuing education credits.
16. The ATTC YouTube account has had 37,446 video views
17. The ATTC Term Master serves as the term and definition resource for the field.
18. The ATTC’s Twitter account is @attcnetwork
19.  The Bridge is another ATTC e-publication that offers views from leading researchers.
20. The Directory of Addiction Study Programs is the place to find information on institutions that offer degrees in addiction studies.

There's still a chance for you to win a prize from the 20 Questions challenge! Just comment on this post, include your name and e-mail, and you'll be eligible to win a fabulous prize commemorating the ATTC Network's 20th anniversary. 

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